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Ævia was created in mid-2019, to handle asset conservation and improvement on all kinds of structure. Ævia by Eiffage Génie Civil brings together under one brand name teams from retrofitting experts Via-Pontis, special works leader Résirep, technical equipment specialists Etic, and TSV - experts in jacking operations but also projects involving Eiffage Group’s ultra-high performance concrete BSI®.

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a new brand from Eiffage Génie Civil

Equipping, maintaining, repairing and reinforcing structures

Damage to concrete and steel reinforcement from corrosion, impacts, weather conditions or mechanical stress intensifies the natural ageing process and shortens the structure’s lifecycle. Structural asset management is a crucial issue in ensuring safety and comfort for users.

By drawing on our various fields of excellence, we at Ævia are able to provide solutions to all kinds of problems arising during the lifecycle of a structure, in 6 key sectors: civil engineering; hydraulic, maritime and inland waterway; high-rise; underground; industrial structures and buildings. 
Ævia’s dense territorial network and highly competent teams enable us to work on both large-scale and isolated operations, throughout France and on international projects 
Because each project is unique, Ævia can count on the recognized expertise of our Engineers from the Eiffage Génie Civil design to deliver ground-breaking solutions for structural repairs and reinforcement.  


Integrated special works know-how to meet your needs

At Ævia we deploy the most efficient, ground-breaking technical resources, and demonstrate complete control of complex situations and environments.

We offer turnkey solutions to meet your needs in special works, including the deployment of composite materials, crack sealing treatments, core sampling and sawing work, cryogenics, hydroblasting, cathodic protection, structural waterproofing, resin injection, shotcrete, stonework recovery, ground anchors and engineered soil solutions like Texsol®.


Design and deployment of heavy structural handling solutions and prestressing

At Ævia we benefit from Etic and TSV’s thirty-year track record, enabling us to take charge of delicate, heavy structural handling operations using hoisting, shifting and jacking. We have considerable specialized resources at our disposal, including a range of hydro cylinders and plants, and Computer Assisted Jacking systems developed internally.
We are capable of facing the biggest challenges, taking part in technical operations on engineering structures such as Tancarville Bridge in Normandy and Egratz Viaduct (Haute-Savoie), and working in the industrial and building sectors, on La Hague plant and the Forum des Halles mall in Paris respectively.


Technical equipment for civil engineering and construction

Via our range of Etic® products, Ævia develops, manufactures and supply equipment and materials needed to build and repair engineering structures, and for other types of civil engineering structure and buildings. We provide customized solutions for each project, offering prestressing technologies using steel wires and bars, cable-stays and hangers, expansion joints and structural bearing devices, geotechnical anchors, structural isolators and damping devices and other tailor-made components.


Eiffage’s ultra- high-performance concrete for your repairs and innovative projects

BSI® ultra- high-performance concrete, developed by Eiffage Group, boasts outstanding technical performance and provides the plastic freedom needed in the fields of contemporary architecture and design. The concrete’s compressive strength of up to 200 MPa makes it an appropriate building material for all types of structure.

BSI ultra- high-performance

Ævia, acknowledged excellence

- STRRES (National syndicate of contractors specializing in structural repairs and reinforcement)
- AFGC (French civil engineering association) ASQUAPRO (Association for the quality of sprayed concrete)
- ASQPE (Association for the qualification of prestressing and equipment for building and civil engineering structures)
- ...


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At Ævia, we believe in boldness and cultivating excellence, since your structures deserve nothing less. Our service is driven by innovation, at your disposal at all times. Our team offers comprehensive solutions from design to delivery, from the choice of methods to technical support, from selecting a pre-caster to guaranteeing the delivered parts.